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Understanding Forensic Psychological Evaluation

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You’ve probably seen court cases when a psychologist was a witness to help the judge and jury reach a fair decision. Forensic psychologists play an important role in such cases.

Forensic psychology is the part of clinical psychology that deals with the law.
A forensic psychological evaluation includes a clinician interview, a review of case records, various collateral data, and psychological tests. To prevent similar crimes in the future, forensic psychologists analyze historical cases to conclude.

The court can use these forensic evaluations to decide on matters including the capacity to stand trial, insanity, criminal responsibility, transfer to adult court, the risk for violence, or if the person in question requires counseling services.

In typical psychological evaluations, the client is the person being evaluated. In forensic psychological evaluations, the client is the employing party, which may be a court, an attorney, or an agency.

The main goal of this practice is to ensure that the findings submitted are as objective and unbiased as possible. So, if you or someone you know requires a provider to assess their behavioral health in Brooklyn, New York, A. L. Mental Health is the expert to trust.

Our mental health counseling in New York has continued to support many individuals in their journey toward better mental wellness.

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