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Controlling Your Anger Before It Controls You

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Anger is the adrenaline-driven response to a perceived or actual threat. It draws your attention to a situation that may be unfair, distressing, harmful, or frightening.

It is a common misconception that managing anger means suppressing it. However, burying your anger or never getting angry is probably just as bad for you as letting out a lot of anger in a violent way. Anger that has been repressed and bottled up carries risks and the release of this pent-up rage may be more violent than you could ever imagine.

How we handle our emotions affects how we understand the message. And how we respond to that understanding is referred to as anger management. It can help you recognize negative emotions before they manifest into destructive actions.

Your reputation, your ability to make good decisions, and your relationships can all take a hit when you let anger take over. Many counseling services can support your journey towards better anger management.

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