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Shedding Light on the Signs of Sex Addiction

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Animals and humans share a common need to gratify their sexual urges. The individual, however, may suffer severe personal consequences due to compulsive sexual conduct. Addiction to sexual behavior can have just as much of an effect on one’s physical and mental health as addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling.

Sexual addiction has both physical and psychological manifestations. Although psychological evaluations must be conducted, here are some early warning signs of sex addiction:

  • Exhibiting Unsafe or Undesirable Habits
    This includes exhibitionism, public sex, unprotected sex, and prostitution. This can lead to sexually transmitted illnesses. Studies reveal that sexually compulsive people are more likely to get HIV.
  • Obsessive Sex Thoughts
    When someone is addicted to sex, they may think about it all the time. These recurring sexual fantasies about sexual acts can become habitual and get in the way of daily life.
  • Infidelity
    A sexual addict may feel forced to seek out new partners, even if it means cheating or having an affair. They may regularly have one-night encounters or cheat with many partners.

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