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What We Get Mistaken About Anger

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Anger is a very common yet misunderstood emotion that makes people avoid, prevent, or hide showing or discussing this. Unfortunately, what we get wrong about anger detours us from addressing the main issue. If we keep on circumnavigating around it instead of being able to push through, we risk dragging on and repeating the same intense emotion.

Anger is not a negative emotion. It is okay to feel bad about something upsetting – which is only natural in this imperfect world. Some things can make us happy as much as other things can upset us. Anger is healthy human emotion against something.

Anger is not always aggressive. When one is angry, they do not always throw around a fit or physically assault someone. Aggressive behavior can come from other sources besides feeling angry.

Anger suppression cannot make the feeling go away. One may be able to not think about the anger they feel for some time. But until the source is addressed, the anger remains. Sooner or later, the feeling resurfaces.

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