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When It Is Time to Consider a Pysch Consult

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Consultations are not interrogations. Consultation is a journey of discussing a subject. In this case, consultations about one’s mental state should not be seen as an inquiry about them but as a process of learning more so that one may be able to use whatever they have found out in making their next decisions.

When is it a good time to get Psychological Evaluations? Here are some considerations you may want to consider to get one for yourself or someone dear to you.

  • When there are significant issues at home, in school, or at work. Domestic problems and major incidents at work can impact one’s state of mind.
  • When there are observed changes in mood or behavior from the person’s usual display.
  • When substance addiction happens – if a person turns to alcohol, pain medication, drugs, or smoking to escape their current situation.
  • When there are physical health concerns such as pain, stroke, and other ailments with or without pre-existing health conditions.
  • When memory becomes hazy and there are episodes of not remembering some events.

The key element of Mental Health Counseling in New York is you.

A. L. Mental Health provides Behavioral Health in Brooklyn, New York whenever you feel the need for this service.

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