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Self-Harming Manifestation of Anger

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We are all too familiar with anger but did you know it has several manifestations? Yes, anger is not only manifested in the visible – the usual yelling, breaking of things, and other acts. Anger can be manifested inward and just as it hurts to be angry on the outside, the pain can be suffocating.

Anger can become a complicated emotion but remember that there are Counseling Services you can reach out to get the support you need.

Dealing with anger is part of our Mental Health Counseling in New York. We help our clients realize the different ways they are exhibiting anger and how it harms themselves and the people they love. The less visible self-harming manifestations can be particularly difficult to detect, but the impact can be devastating.

Directing the anger at oneself can be due to different reasons – guilt, convenience, and many more. But this is not repentance or making things better. Isolating ourselves, depriving basic needs, negative thoughts, and other self-harm examples only push for more anger.

Whatever the source of the anger is, self-harm is not the solution. Don’t be afraid to get help and stop yourself from sinking into this vicious sinkhole.

Do you need a Forensic Mental Evaluation?

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