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Identifying Youth at Risk of Offending


Pinpointing a youth at risk is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Without the right screening tools and measures, no one would be able to do so. The delays and difficulties of this identification put them further at risk as they are deprived of the resources that may be able to improve their situation.

For a more effective search, screening tools help establish targeted selective prevention mechanisms by intervening with a specific youth profile. These tools are used in different settings such as schools or groups. It can also be set up as part of programs run by community-based groups or organizations.

Such tools produce objective data that can support perceptions. Instruments can substantiate or validate a claim or correct any bias. Some tools deployed are Behavioral and Emotional Screening System, School Social Behavior Scales, Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory – Adolescent Version, Problem-Oriented Screening Instrument for Teenagers, Detection of Alcohol and Drug Problems in Adolescents, Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument – Pre-Screen Version, and more.

Screening tools are helpful in forensic mental evaluation. Are you interested in Behavioral Health in Brooklyn, New York?

Whether the risks are high or low, whenever a person needs Counseling Services, they should have access to quality support.

A.L. Mental Health is a trusted provider of Mental Health Counseling in New York. Schedule an appointment with us.

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