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How Predictive Index Test Can Help You


Examinations and assessments attempt to measure what is being tested. Each test has its objective, and the results can be beneficial to the one taking the test and the rest of the stakeholders. For example, one’s cognitive abilities, behavioral tendencies, and personality traits are not just relevant to the person— the information can be relevant to other stakeholders.

These stakeholders can be the person’s future employer or organizations looking forward to learning more about their would-be members. One such exam commonly deployed is the Predictive Index which recruiters use to understand a potential hire. Here are the benefits of the PI test:

  • The PI Test helps the employer.
    Employers receive tons of applications, and it makes sense to deploy an objective approach to filter the candidate they most likely need. Whether they are looking for someone who fits their culture (culture-fit) or a person who can supplement the entire team (culture-add), the PI results can indicate some tendencies.
  • The PI Test helps the person.
    Self-awareness is key to achieving what you want. PI test results may be widely used by organizations, but the test also indicates what the person needs to know about themselves, verify what they know, realize what they don’t know, and so on.

A Predictive Index Test or PI is one of the many cognitive assessments we provide. If you want to learn more about this test, contact your trusted Mental Health Counseling in New York at A. L. Mental Health.

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