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Debunking Myths About Depression

debunking-myths-about-depression People face many challenges in life. Stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and prolonged loneliness may affect someone’s behaviors—plus many other factors. Would you believe it can happen for no reason, even when you are a positive and happy person? And even when we are already in an advanced society, still, many people have misconceptions about mental conditions like Anger Management issues. So we listed some of the popular beliefs about depression with some remarks.
  • Depression is not a mental illness. No. It occurs because of chemical imbalances in the brain.
  • Only rich people can have clinical depression. Untrue. This disease can affect anyone regardless of status, age, and gender.
  • People with mental illness are weak people. No one can control depression unless you go under treatment and counseling services. It is not a matter of who is strong or not—all of us can potentially acquire a particular psychological illness depending on circumstances.
  • Talking about depression drives people away from you. This statement is untrue. There is always someone with whom you can entrust your worries, fears, and confusion. You can talk to a person who provides mental health counseling in New York and help you recover from anxiety with the proper treatment.
At A. L. Mental Health, we have mental experts who can work with you, a family member, or a friend who needs counseling services—so you can go back doing what you love. We provide full attention to behavioral health in Brooklyn, New York, with respect and no judgments. We are here to guide you—to understand what you are going through and create a support system with your participation and the help of your loved ones, too. Set an appointment at 347-512-6819. We are here to listen.
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