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What Are the Types of Relaxation Techniques


There’s no denying that living in the contemporary world is difficult. Making time for oneself can be challenging when you have duties to your family, friends, and job, but doing so is crucial.

As you recover from the daily demands of life, relaxing can help you maintain your physical and mental health as provided by mental health counseling in New York. Fortunately, no matter how busy you are, it’s easy to learn how to carve out time for relaxing and resting effectively.

As a provider of behavioral health in Brooklyn, New York, we believe that it’s important to always make an effort to relax if you want to experience the benefits of the different techniques listed below:

  • Progressive
    When using this relaxation technique, you concentrate on gradually tensing and then releasing each muscle group. You start with your toes and gradually work your way up to your neck and head, tensing and relaxing your muscles as you go.
  • Autogenic
    Combining body awareness with visual images, you can decrease the tension by using this relaxation technique to promote calmness as a way of anger management. You mentally repeat phrases or ideas that can get rid of the tension in your muscles and promote relaxation.
  • Visualization
    Create mental pictures as part of this relaxation technique to transport yourself to a tranquil, serene location or circumstance. This is usually done in counseling services.

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