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What Are the Different Ways that Anger Issues Manifest?

what-are-the-different-ways-that-anger-issues-manifest Getting angry is a completely normal and healthy experience that everyone will go through at one time or another. This tells you that something is wrong and motivates you to take action on the cause of distress. However, when you feel the emotion more often than not and when it is out of control and impacting your relationships and hurting others, you may already have anger issues. That said, spotting this on yourself, much less accepting this and seeking counseling services, can be difficult. As a provider of mental health counseling in New York ourselves at A. L. Mental Health, let us help you by listing down the different types of anger issues or the ways that your anger may manifest in yourself and the people around you—as in outwardly, inwardly, and passively.
  • Outward Shouting, throwing or breaking things, cursing, and/or being verbally or physically abusive toward others are all outward forms of expressing your anger.
  • Inward Unlike the outward way of expressing your anger, the inward way is directing your anger at yourself. This usually manifests by denying yourself of basic needs, self-harming, self-isolation, and negative self-talk, among others.
  • Passive When you are passively expressing your anger, you may find yourself using subtle and indirect ways to manifest this. Common behaviors of such include giving someone the cold shoulder or silent treatment, sulking, making sarcastic and snide remarks, among others.
Do you recognize these patterns of behavior in yourself? Don’t wait for your behavioral health in Brooklyn, New York to get worse, our anger management counseling is available when you need it.
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