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Untold Stories of Older Adults: Seeking Help


The number of older adults that seek professional help and counseling services seems to be significantly low. According to the Mental Health America organization, over 50 million American adults experience mental issues, and half of the diagnosed adults are untreated.

The number of cases of adults not seeking help because of stigma continues to be alarming. Untreated mental and behavioral conditions pose significant mental and physical risks. In this article, we at A. L. Mental Health will discuss stigma as the primary factors why adults are hesitant to seek help for mental and behavioral health.

Seeking help continues to be a stigma among older adults. Older adults are often labeled as mentally tough. Being diagnosed with a mental illness reduces you to someone mentally weak and incapable of being strong. Mental illnesses are significant health issues and need to be treated properly.

The best way to overcome and fight this stigma is for older adults to prioritize and know the importance of mental health. It can start by planning to have consultations, undergo psychological evaluations, and stick to a treatment plan.

Prioritize mental and behavioral well-being with appropriate services such as mental health counseling in New York, cognitive assessments, anger management, and other services. It can be a great start to breaking the stigma and help show the importance of mental health and seeking help.

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