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Steps to Getting an Emotional Support Animal

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Animals can be great for your mental health. That is precisely why many psychologists and mental health experts recommend emotional support animals to patients who experience a hard time coping with their mental illness.

But how exactly do you get an emotional support animal? A. L. Mental Health is here to talk you through some of the basic steps.

  • Check if you qualify.
    By seeking out Mental Health Counseling in New York, you can work with a psychologist to help determine if you qualify for an emotional support animal.
  • Get a letter.
    There will be some venues where you will need an official letter from your psychologist. If you do not have access to a therapist right now, you can reach out to our Behavioral Health in Brooklyn, New York to get your letter.
  • Choose a pet.
    Emotional support pets don’t have to be specially trained to help you with your condition. What is important is that you can feel a bond with your pet.
    But if you want a trained emotional support pet, then reach out to our Counseling Services so we can recommend companies that can help you out.
  • Register your pet.
    While the signed letter you receive from your therapist legitimizes your need for an emotional support pet, it doesn’t provide enough proof for when you’re out in public.

Registering your pet can make it much easier for you to walk around establishments without getting stopped and asked for your permits.

These were all our tips. If you’re looking for Behavioral Health services, feel free to give us a call at 347-512-6819.

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