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Signs That Indicate a Need for Mental Health Counseling

Whether it is caused by financial issues, professional setbacks, or personal loss, we all experience anxiety, stress, and other forms of emotional distress at one point or another. While we can bounce back eventually, we may need a little extra help to do so. With counseling services, you learn ways to cope with difficult situations. As specialists in behavioral health, we will discuss the signs that may indicate a need for mental health counseling:
  • Extreme Mood Swings A stable mood is a component of overall good mental health. However, some psychiatric disorders can cause significant mood swings. The changes may occur over several days or weeks with drug and alcohol use contributing to erratic moods. Mental health counseling can determine the underlying cause and teach healthy strategies to cope.
  • Poor School or Work Performance A decrease in your performance is another common sign of mental health issues. These issues can impair concentration, energy, and memory that saps enjoyment and motivation from an individual. This can result in a lack of interest in their work and can also be caused by high amounts of stress.
  • Difficulty Maintaining Relationships Our mental health affects our relationships in many ways. It can lead to insecurity in a relationship and cause us to lean too heavily on another person for emotional support. This affects our ability to build relationships and can take its toll on pre-existing relationships too.
Do you think you or a loved one can benefit from mental health counseling in New York? If so, we at A. L. Mental Health are here to help. As specialists in behavioral health in Brooklyn, New York, we offer several mental health services. Reach out to us to learn ways we can help.
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