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Hypersexuality: Its Definition

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Hypersexuality is a behavioral health concern associated with compulsive engagement in a distressing rather than fulfilling sexual activity despite its negative consequences. A person addicted to sex often spends ample time secretly engaging in sexual activity and they “simply can’t get enough” unless intervened.

Sex addiction does not have a clinical diagnosis yet. However, it is a symptom of some mental health disorders like OCD manifested during compulsion, and neurological disorders such as epilepsy, injury, and Dementia.

Individuals can be classified as sex addicts if they meet the following criteria according to research and careful psychological evaluations:

  • sex dominates their lives more than any other activities
  • engagement in inappropriate and risky sexual activities such as public sex, voyeurism, and frequent attendance to sex clubs
  • engagement in sexual activity when alone like cybersex, watching pornographic materials, and habitual masturbation
  • sex with multiple partners as well as extramarital sexual affairs
  • sex is a form of escape from stress, anxiety, depression, and inferiority complex

If you know someone who qualifies for the above-mentioned criteria, encourage them to seek professional help from mental health practitioners. With A. L. Mental Health, your provider of behavioral health in Brooklyn, New York, there is no judgment.

It may be embarrassing or it might not seem alarming, but it has an inevitably negative and long-term influence on their psychological development. Furthermore, their intimate relationships with someone might suffer and they are at a greater risk of acquiring STDs so they must undergo counseling services and other treatment plans.

We offer mental health counseling in New York as a way to help our clients understand the challenges they go through and help them cope as they go along the process of seeking refuge.

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