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How to Help Someone Cope with Traumatic Events


People who experienced traumatic events may find it hard to recover too soon. They will undergo Psychological Evaluations to know the severity of the condition.

Traumatic stress may come from a disturbing event where the person might or might not be involved, such as an accident, plane crash, terrorist attack, or a natural disaster like an earthquake, hurricane, or flood. It may also come from witnessing a loved one get hurt, become the victim of violence or crime, or accidentally committing a crime that leads to a shattered mentality.

This also applies to those who work as medical practitioners or firefighters witnessing tragedy and suffering, making life-and-death decisions, and even placing themselves in harm’s way.

With all these kinds of experiences, the sense of security of a person becomes shattered, making victims feel helpless and finding it hard to trust anyone — needing Mental Health Counseling in New York.

As providers of Counseling Services, how can we help them cope with the trauma?

  • Let them take breaks.
  • Do not invalidate their feelings.
  • Encourage them to engage in familiar activities.
  • Help them avoid repetitious thinking and overexposure to the traumatic event.

Give them time to heal while providing them the services they need, like Anger Management and counseling, for better handling of their situation.

When someone you know needs help with Behavioral Health in Brooklyn, New York, never hesitate to approach us. Our compassionate professionals at A. L. Mental Health are here to listen and help solve mental health problems.

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