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Busting Myths About Forensic Mental Evaluations


Forensic mental evaluation is a crucial component in the criminal justice system, yet there are many misconceptions about it floating around.

As an organization that specializes in behavioral health in Brooklyn, New York, we aim to bust some of the most common myths about forensic mental evaluations and shed light on the truth behind them.

  • Myth #1: Mental evaluations are always biased.

    Mental evaluations are done by licensed professionals who have been trained and who follow a strict code of ethics. The goal of the evaluation is to collect information and give a fair evaluation of the person’s mental state.

  • Myth #2: Mental evaluations determine guilt or innocence.

    Fact: Mental evaluations are not designed to determine guilt or innocence. Instead, they figure out if the person is fit to stand trial or what their mental state was when the crime was done. This information helps the court make informed decisions regarding the case.

  • Myth #3: Mental evaluations are only performed on individuals facing criminal charges.

    It’s not limited to individuals facing criminal charges. They can also be performed on individuals involved in civil cases, such as child custody battles, or those seeking disability benefits.

It’s essential to understand the truth behind the myths surrounding this field. Don’t let misconceptions hold you back from seeking the truth. With the right information and the help of a trained professional, you can confidently deal with this part of the criminal justice system.

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